Corporate massage service for office or corporate events. Available at CDMX and the Riviera Maya.
corporate massages

Corporate SPA for Offices, Companies and Events

Incorporate unique wellness routines for your employees or entertain guests at your events with corporate massages.

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What is the Corporate Massage SPA?

It is an integral service in-home massages for your company, office or event. They are designed so that each session allows your employees to release stress, relieve tension and recharge positive energy. It's a great way to pamper your staff and help them improve productivity and give their best. In the case of events, it's a great way to pamper your guests.

You want to know if massage at work is for you? Here's all you need to know.

Why and when to request a Business Massage service?

A mobile SPA massage in your business or office is a good way to increase the benefits you give to your employees, especially when they are under high stress levels or very intense working hours.

It is an investment oriented towards physical and emotional health, which stimulates healthy coexistence and improves performance, so, depending on your budget, you can integrate it on a monthly, biweekly or even weekly basis into your company's routine.

You can also offer it as additional compensation for employees who achieve particular goals and objectives; as extra motivation for teams involved in particularly strenuous projects; or as a gift on special dates such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, Valentine's Day and New Year's Day, for example.

During corporate events, fairs and exhibitions, the corporate massage service is also perfect for maintaining the performance of your staff and entertaining your guests.

Benefits of the Corporate SPA

Corporate Massage in Office or Events

Zen to Go therapists go to the comfort of your office with all the equipment needed to provide you and your employees with an unbeatable experience. Let us know how many people we will attend to and if any of them has any special needs or situation (for example, we have special massages for pregnant women), and we will gladly give you a personalized estimate.

Our professionals carry everything you need: work table and/or shiatsu chair, body oils and relaxing music. Remember that, depending on the number of massages you need, they can be done by just one therapist, or perhaps two or more are needed working simultaneously.

We adapt to the conditions of your office or event. The ideal is that you have a space where each massage can be done comfortably. It could be an adapted meeting room, a stand at a corporate event or other similar place.

Massages for Hotels, SPAs and Vacation Rentals

We make sure you improve your income and reputation as a host by having the best therapists in town at your disposal. Don't risk losing reservations due to a lack of therapists and treat your guests to a luxury massage in your hotel or vacation rental house. Learn about some of our benefits:

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