A sports massage can help you before and after an intense workout, making it a great sports ally.

The powerful benefits of a sports massage for runners

A sports massage can help you before and after an intense workout, making it a great sports ally.
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A sports massage can help you before and after an intense workout, making it a great sports ally.

Running is one of the most satisfying, difficult and physically demanding sports.

Almost every runner knows that pain after a long run, but few know that a professional therapist can help them detect the source of that pain, relieve it and even help them improve their performance.

What are the benefits of massage for runners?

If you look at professional runners, they have a whole team of professionals around them, including a therapist; they rely on massage to improve performance and help prevent injuries and manage aches and pains.

The main benefit of massage is that it relaxes tight muscles and removes adhesions or minor scar tissue between the muscles and the fascia, the covering that surrounds the muscles.

Unnecessary tightness and adhesions can restrict movement and affect your range of motion, which can lead to abnormal movement patterns that can cause overuse injuries.

Another great benefit is pain relief, helping muscles recover after an intense workout.

One of the obvious benefits that is often underestimated is relaxation. Stress from work or personal life can have a negative impact on your training and how you adapt to exercise.

Recovery is the other major benefit of massage; it can reduce the pain and intensity of muscle soreness after an intense workout or marathon.

Some studies indicate that massage can reduce inflammation, improve immune function and reduce stress hormones such as cortisol.

While massage will not remove lactic acid or any other waste products from the muscles, it will promote increased circulation to the muscles, and it is increased circulation that will aid recovery.

These benefits of sports massage for runners suggest that you can recover faster and be ready for another run sooner. Running more fast workouts or more kilometres is one of the best ways to become a better runner. And a sports massage can help you do that, while mitigating the risk of injury.

What is a sports massage like?

The therapists certified sports massage practitioners use special techniques to prevent and treat minor injuries associated with high-impact exercise.

Sore muscles or joints can benefit from sports massage, as the techniques used are designed to target the areas most prone to developing pain or injury.

Sports massages are useful both before and after exercise, and often combine gentle and deep techniques to work on all layers of muscle tissue.

The main objective of a sports massage will vary depending on the areas of the body most used by the athlete. A certified and experienced therapist will know how to ask the right questions to maximise the benefits of the massage.

Can a sports massage help with knee injuries?

It is very common to hear of runners injuring their knees, feeling pain or swelling.

Massage can relieve pain and promote healing, and a certified massage therapist will be able to advise you when an injury requires evaluation by a physician, physical therapist or other specialist.

If you are in doubt about any injury or severe pain, it is important to consult your doctor.

Can a sports massage help in a marathon?

There are specific techniques that a certified therapist knows to perform before or after a marathon.

It is important that you have a close relationship with your therapist and know how your body reacts to different techniques, so that you can customise the massage to your needs. Some people respond better to gentle techniques and others require deeper techniques.

It is also important that you and your therapist know how your body reacts a few hours or days after a massage to determine when is the best time for a massage. Not everyone is the same and there are those who should have a sports massage 2 or 3 days before a marathon, or those who can have it even on the same day.

How often should you have a sports massage?

It depends on your budget, schedule and goals, but including sports massage in your routine, whether once a week, once a month or occasionally, can offer great benefits in terms of physical and emotional health, muscle health and even performance.

In addition, regularity will help you get to know your therapist and your therapist to get to know you and your body, what techniques work best on your body, how your body feels a few hours or days after a massage, etc.

A long-term relationship with your therapist means you can get an even more personalised service. If this is not possible, don't worry, you can also enjoy the occasional sports massage.

How can I find a certified sports massage therapist for runners?

You can search the internet for therapy centres, however, not all of them offer the same services or the same quality, so it is important to check people's ratings and opinions.

At Zen to Go we work exclusively with therapists certified with at least 5 years of experience, so we are confident that we can be your partner for your fitness and wellness routine.

We understand that when you find a good therapist, you don't want to let go. That's why, after a service with one of our therapists, you can add him/her to your preferred therapists list and book him/her again.

Book your next sports massage at home at www.zentogo.com.mx or by downloading our App, available for iOS and Android.

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Excellent relaxing massage with Christian :)

Valeria B.
Feb 14, 2023

Habby was fantastic. She was amazing.

Aida N.
Oct 23, 2022

Always perfect with Luz! She pays attention to my needs and provides a complete service.

Courtney U.
Sep 22, 2022

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