Giving experiences as a gift: the best option to live unforgettable moments and leave material objects aside. Discover the 6 reasons why we recommend it.
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6 reasons why we recommend giving experiences as gifts

If we ask you to close your eyes and imagine the moment when you give/receive a gift, you will probably imagine opening a gift box or bag, and inside, a material gift. Giving physical products is something we have ingrained in our minds, and many of us simply forget that giving experiences is an option.
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If we ask you to close your eyes and imagine the moment when you give/receive a gift, you will probably imagine opening a gift box or bag, and inside, a material gift. Giving physical products is something we have ingrained in our minds, and many of us simply forget that giving experiences is an option.

What do we mean by giving experiences as gifts?

First of all, we must clarify the difference between a material gift and an experience. Giving an experience is giving something to DO (go to the movies, go to a concert, travel, jump from a parachute, enjoy a spa day, etc); while giving something material, is something to HAVE (clothes, accessories, makeup, gadgets, objects). Having explained this, now we share with you 6 reasons why we recommend giving experiences as a gift:

1. They create long-term memories.

While material gifts physically last longer than experiences, experiences create memories that will last much longer on a psychological level. We believe that one of the reasons for this is that experiences create more than one moment of emotion. That is, when you receive a material gift, you obviously get excited at the moment; however, with an experience you get excited at the moment, you get excited in the moments leading up to the experience, you get excited during the experience, you get excited when you talk about the experience and you get excited whenever you remember it.

For example, if you know your mom likes wine, which do you think she will remember longer, that you give her a bottle of her favorite wine or that you give her a wine tasting?

2. Experiences feel like more personal gifts

If you want to cause a great emotion in the recipient, it must be a well thought-out gift that you know he or she will like. In the case of material gifts, you must know the person very well to choose the right gift and make it memorable, and try to find out if they don't already have it. In the case of experiences, by having an idea about their personality, tastes or preferences, you will surely be able to choose an experience that they will enjoy, even if it is an experience that they have already lived before. Or even for corporate gifts where you don't know who will receive it, there are experiences that practically everyone likes and they will feel them as something more personal, than receiving a material gift that has nothing to do with their tastes or preferences.

For example, at a company party, who hasn't received a blender or some other appliance? It is very likely that you would end up giving it away or selling it, but what if instead, you had received a gift certificate for a in-home massage? It is something that almost everyone likes and will feel it as something much more personal.

3. Waiting for the experience is part of the fun.

That moment of waiting between when you know you will enjoy an experience, until you actually experience it, creates an emotion of anticipation that forms part of the memory that person will have of the experience. Obviously depending on the experience, that waiting period will vary.

For example, if you are blindfolded to take you directly to a surprise experience, the excitement of anticipation will last as long as the trip takes. If, on the other hand, the experience is that you are being given a romantic getaway for the next weekend, the excitement of anticipation is longer and is rekindled with each previous action you must take, such as packing your suitcase, planning the trip, etc.

4. Experiences lead to more lasting happiness.

And this comes hand in hand with point number 1, memories. According to psychological studies, in the long run, experiences make people happier compared to material possessions. This is partly because the initial joy of acquiring or receiving a new object fades over time as people get used to seeing it every day. Experiences, on the other hand, continue to bring joy through memories, even long after the event has happened.

For example, if you are given a perfume, of course you will be grateful and enjoy it, however the joy will be momentary and later, you get used to using it and it will no longer bring you that joy every time you use it. On the other hand, if you are given a trip as a gift, you will feel a great joy every time you remember that trip.

5. Experiences allow us to try new things

Generally, with the day-to-day routine, we do not dedicate our time to try new things. Therefore, when we are given the gift of an experience, it is usually the great opportunity we needed to take the step and finally do it. And if the experience we are given is not new to us, we will enjoy it just the same for two reasons: first, they are usually experiences that we do not do so often and, second, even if it is an experience that we have already enjoyed before, each time it will have something that will make it unique.

For example, if you get a free ticket to a concert, you may have been to a concert before, but the experience will be totally different because the environment is likely to be different, the artist is likely to be different, the company is likely to be different, the show is likely to be different, your mood that day is likely to be different, and so on.

6. And one of the things we love most about experiences is that it's all about LIVING THEM.

We are surrounded by material things that come and go, are broken, lost, forgotten in a drawer. Experiences give us opportunities to live, enriching the mind, body and soul. Because there are many things to DO, instead of having.

And wellness experiences are a fantastic option, since we all need that personal care but few of us give it the priority it deserves. How many times have you heard your friends or family say that they would love a SPA day but don't have the time to do it? Or that their neck or back hurts?

Save them the excuse and give them quality time for themselves. It will be a conscious, sustainable, personalized gift that is committed to their well-being.

How to give a SPA experience at home as a gift?

Purchasing a Zen to Go gift certificate is very easy, fast and secure; either through the website or by downloading our App (available for iOS and Android).

  1. First of all, we must verify that we have coverage in the area and city of the beneficiary.
  2. Personalize your gift certificate by choosing the card design and gift options (massages, packages or by amount).
  3. Schedule the gift certificate mailing date, which may be immediately upon purchase of the certificate or at a later date.
  4. Enter the data of the beneficiary and sender, and optionally enter a message to the beneficiary.
  5. Choose your payment method to make your transaction fast, easy and secure.
  6. That's it! The beneficiary will receive the certificate on the date you have scheduled, via email, to book the luxury home SPA experience offered by Zen to Go at any time. The therapists comes with everything you need: massage table, fresh clean sheets, quality essential oils and relaxing music.

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Excellent relaxing massage with Christian :)

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Sep 22, 2022

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