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How our Home Massage Service Works

Booking an in-home massage has never been this easy.
Zen to Go Massage Scheduling Application

1. Book

Open your account here and easily schedule your favorite massage in minutes, for the same day* or in advance.

Zen to Go therapist arriving at client's home

2. We come to You

A certified masseur arrives at your door with everything you need - table, sheets, oils and relaxing music.

Zen to Go masseur giving a in-home massage

3. Enjoy

Relax with a luxurious massage in your place of preference, whether it is your home, office or hotel.

* Service must be scheduled at least 4 hours in advance
home services

Home Massage in Mexico

Any of our massages can be taken as a couples session, with two therapists at the same time.

Home Massage Prices

Service includes everything needed to create a Zen experience at home:
therapeutic massage, massage table, sheets, oil and relaxing music.

60 min
90 min
120 min
60 min
90 min
120 min
Prices in Mexican pesos including VAT.
in-home massage

What to expect and how to prepare for your massage at home?

Below you will find some of our tips to help you get the most out of your in-home massage.

Recommended Space

Choose a room that has as much privacy and as little noise as possible, especially if there are other people in the house. Let everyone in your house know that, for the next hour or so, this room is yours and that time is for you. Make sure there is enough space in the room for the massage table and your therapist to walk around. We recommend at least 6 square meters of space.

To relax better

Take a good relaxing bath or shower before your therapist arrives to relax your muscles. On the other hand, if you have some music that you know will help you relax, don't hesitate to play it during your massage. Keep in mind that your therapist is always prepared with relaxing music. Similarly, if you have a scented candle that helps you relax, it would be a good idea to light it.

Eat light

Avoid heavy meals up to 2 hours before your massage. Also, don't forget to drink water before and after your massage.

Indicate your preferences

If you haven't already specified it on the platform when generating your booking, don't hesitate to tell your therapist about the areas that require special attention, the areas you want to avoid, your preference for pressure, and anything else you think will make the experience more enjoyable for you.

Minutes before your massage

Please offer the bathroom to your therapist to wash your hands. While your therapist prepares the table, take the time to go to the bathroom if you need to. Once your therapist is ready, he or she will give you a few minutes to get comfortable under the sheets or towels. Feel free to undress as much as you want. Remember, your therapist will cover you with sheets or towels except in the area where he or she is working.

ZEn to go experience

Luxury Massages in your own Home, Office or Hotel

Free yourself from stress, traffic and calls to book your home service. Sign up easily and customize your massage service in minutes. A carefully selected, certified therapist will arrive at the location of your choice with everything you need.

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Home Massage Experience by Zen to Go
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